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Update 51 is LIVE!
Apr 1, 09 9:19 AM
Sunday Shard Run is a Success!
Mar 29, 09 3:45 PM
Cloak Redesign
Mar 26, 09 11:25 AM
Well Deserved Promotions!
Feb 27, 09 6:37 PM
Crafting Missions are FUN!
Dec 5, 08 6:39 AM
Welcome to the Allied Qeynosias guild portal!

  Congratulations to Maria on 10 Million Guild Status !!! 


Update 51 is LIVE!

Ulion Frostforge, Apr 1, 09 9:19 AM.
Lots of new features have been added to EQ2.
  • Aggro/Hate meter
  • Pet targeting
  • Newly revamped Lavastorm
  • New T3 shard armor
  • New x2 raid
  • New tradeskill instance
  • more...

Sunday Shard Run is a Success!

Ulion Frostforge, Mar 29, 09 3:45 PM.
Thanks to all who showed up for the Sunday Shard Run. We cleared Scion of Ice in a couple hours. There were a few nice upgrade items and lots of AA. Next time we'll hit a different zone to keep the AA flowing. Grats to everyone.

Cloak Redesign

Ulion Frostforge, Mar 26, 09 11:25 AM.
The poll results were pretty straight-forward; we want a new cloak design. Now the tough part... what will it be? Visit the cloak designer in game (Garston Viona in Qeynos Harbor) and check out the available styles. Then visit the forum thread here and post your opinion.

More information at the EQ2 Wiki.
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